female-focused campaign

breaking away from the image of a male-dominated organization


The armed forces is a mini-society with jobs for everyone. Nevertheless, many people still believe that it’s a male-dominated organization. How do we get more women interested in a job with the armed forces?


We highlighted the various job opportunities and the women who do those jobs. Whether you are actually looking for a logistics, technical, humanitarian or combat position, you will find the job for you in the armed forces.

creative solution

Identification is the key element of the concept. We held up a mirror to the target audience. That is why we introduced women to women in the armed forces in the campaign.


The campaign has proven fruitful. We have seen significant increases in familiarity with various positions, more women have gained a picture of the job opportunities and there has been an increase in women considering applying for a job.

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Mirjam Spruijt

Client director