air traffic under your control

building a likeable brand that recruits selectively

Air traffic controllers play a crucial role in safe and efficient aviation. They are the ears and eyes of the pilots on the ground. Thanks to the work of Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland, LVNL), thousands of airplanes depart and land at our airports every day.

Every year, LVNL looks for new talent for the job of air traffic controller. And not everybody is cut out for that. This work requires a unique set of skills. From a proactive attitude to spatial awareness. How do you ensure then that you attract candidates who are made of the right stuff?


The challenge for Steam was to attract the greatest possible potential, while simultaneously ensuring self-selection of the right candidates.


We brought entertainment value to the skills of the air traffic controller. In this way, we simultaneously worked on likeability and selection.

creative solution

We made a thee-part web series: Jamie surprises himself. In three episodes, Jamie Trenité discovers what you need in order to become an air traffic controller.


The videos were successful. With view through rates up to 75% and a reach of 437,885, we managed to reach and engage our target audiences. The most important result: the spring class for new air traffic controllers has been completely filled.

watch the episodes here

1 / 3 YouTube series - Jamie rises above himself EP01

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Hans Kroonen

Client director