work which everyone has an opinion about

It may well be the most visible work in the Netherlands. We all have our opinions about the police. And there lies the challenge.

Because the image of the police officer on the street determines the overall reputation to a large extent. How do you attract major potential for one the many jobs with the police?

We shifted the perspective with the employer brand. We showed police work as you’ve never seen it before. The aim was to show target audiences that they can use their professional qualities within the context of the police. Turn it into police work.

police work as you’ve never seen it before

using two job brands, we worked on building a strong employer brand.

If we look at where the major shortages are with the police, the various police officer jobs and computer forensics are the top priority. We focused on these two job brands in our communication.

The challenge was to combine these target audience campaigns into a strong employer brand. That is why we not only opted for broad visibility, but also for a way of communicating that you would not normally expect from the police.

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Hans Kroonen

Client director