you can study to achieve change

The roots of the university translated to the present day.

You have completed your pre-university education. You are going to study. But what study will you choose? Are you going to go all out for that one study at that one university? Are you attracted by the city? Or do you choose the character of the university?

Studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) is slightly different: you come here to contribute to themes that matter to you over the course of four years. Develop knowledge that has a direct impact. That is what the university was established for. However, VU Amsterdam has seen the number of new students slowly stagnate in recent years. That is why we developed a positioning with which VU Amsterdam is putting itself back on the map as a social university, where you not only come to study, but also come to contribute to social issues.


VU Amsterdam has seen the number of new students slowly stagnate in recent years. How can we position VU Amsterdam in such a way that the student intake is boosted in the coming years?


We didn’t focus on doing a study, but on changing social issues. That is in the DNA of VU Amsterdam and is a motivation for students.

creative solution

We developed forms of communication and publicity with which we called for change. ‘Change your world, study at VU Amsterdam.’ We showed the target groups which contribution they can make with their study.


The desired intake figures have been achieved. In addition, VU Amsterdam has even decided to acquire the campaign ‘Change your world’ as corporate pay-off.

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Mariska van den Belt

Client director